The HRDC: Transforming Teaching and Learning
Build on the strength of the DPS vision and mission of education, disseminate and share it with all DPS educators.
Address issues of total quality management in issues of education, travelling the extra mile towards instructional effectiveness and excellence.
Initiate educational thought in the background of local, national and global developments.
Share professional information and knowledge for enrichment.
Encourage and develop the use of quality pedagogy with focus on cooperative learning and skill development.
Empower teachers with competence, commitment, motivation and a sense of 'calling' for life -long learning.
Prepare and involve for effective change management occurring in school education.
Develop classroom leadership.
Teach, learn and inculcate a sense of family for strengthening and enhancing social cohesion. This will cascade to students the need and urgency for living together for peace and harmony. or co-scholastic.
Encourage the enhancement of individual capacities towards evolvement and excellence.
Identify a sense of increased efficiency at work that enhances students' education and development. Encourage teachers to be “reflective” and review their teaching.
Recognize the value of inclusion and involvement of all students in a diverse landscape.
Involve colleagues, parents and the community that increases the output of team work and helps make objectives attainable.
Prepare teachers for important changes, especially child centred pedagogy, curriculum and material development and the use of IT to strengthen learning.

Issues Embedded in Academic Programmes

Initiatives Undertaken
Leadership Development
The Right to Education Act-2009 and its implication in school education
Physical education, Yoga, Nutrition and Health
Preparing and including the four strong pillars of education
Continuous and Comprehensive Assessments
Age appropriate Curriculum development
The use of Information Technology
Social, emotional and personal issues
Value based learning
Life skills development
Theatre and drama
Gender equity
Inclusive education
Effective Lesson Planning
Changes - Local and Global
Rights of children
Early Childhood Care and Education Programme.
Professional Development in Education Management.
Leadership Development programmes for School Heads.
Academic Programmes for Physical Education.
SMTE- Science and Maths Talent Examination for students.
Quality Assurance Programme for students.
Leadership Development for teachers (Preparation of next level leadership).
Zonal workshops for School Based CCE.
Zonal workshops for subjects.
Indian National Maths Olympiads workshop in Navi Mumbai.
Integrated Learning in Social Sciences.
Subject based Enrichment programmes.
Academic Camps for students.
Social Concerns and Issues.
Safety and Security in schools.
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