On a mission for excellence in school education
Marches on to the 70th milestone……..
The Legacy…
There was a gigantic movement of the population following the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. The shattered masses, displaced people from the West Pakistan to northern India were to be provided shelters, clothing and schools for children. The great challenge was undoubtedly taken up by the Government of India, Visionary NGOs and social activists. In this backdrop was founded the Delhi Public School Society in 1948-49 by eminent individuals like Dr. Tara Chand, Shri M.N. Seth, Shri Vishnu Sahai along with many dynamic persons to meet the ongoing challenge.

The DPS Society with its motto Service before Self was registered under the Society’s Act in 1948 and the very first school of the DPS Society was launched in 1949 at Mathura Road. DPS Mathura Road was the flagship school to change the dynamics of education in the capital city of India. Soon, legends like Shri Dharma Vira, Dr. Prem Kirpal, Justice S.M. Sikri, Smt. Humayun Kabir, Dr. H.L. Anand and others joined to promote the objectives of the DPS Society. The founding fathers and their immediate successors are no more, but the legacy continues to be the source of strength to the educational movement of the DPS Society.

The Humble Beginning
From a single school, the DPS Society’s schools have spread their educational wings right across the length and breadth of the country and also taken root in foreign lands. Today, the legacy of quality learning experiences reaches out to millions of young minds through the nearly 200 schools within the wings of the DPS Society.

The Human Resource Development Centre
En route the DPS Society empowered the teaching and student community through knowledge and experience sharing building a culture of what the Four Pillars of Education highlight upon - the pillars of human strength built upon the tenets of “learning to know,” “learning to do,” “learning to live together,” “learning to be.” And this took shape in the form in the establishment of the Human Resource Development Centre to support learning. The HRDC takes a distinct shape place within the school system that works as a platform with educators to address, articulate and disseminate innovative educational ideas. It prepares teachers and students with a unified, collective vision for future education, for education and school heads to review and redress classroom practices in the context of individual learning, aligning them to the needs of the society and the nation at large. It is paramount that the nation’s intellectual vibrancy, its well being, economic success and its standing is contributed by the large numbers within the folds of the DPS family's educators and students. It is a step forward towards a well prepared citizenry and workforce.

The Journey so far
“When people come together as a team, share a dream and focus on enriching their goal -a lot is accomplished…” This journey has involved a vast canvas of highly innovative and motivated individuals from across institutes of excellence, the core schools and the affiliated schools, educationists who have been in “Synergy”.

A vision for quality learning
The DPS Society has always sought quality education and excellence in its educational endeavors and has emphasized the practice of holistic learning for students and shared with teachers, the need for life-long learning as a measure to balance a fulfilling profession together with a contented, highly contributive personal life. In its classrooms and playfields, the desire and direction of the Delhi Public Schools is to make responsible, compassionate and patriotic individuals who will practice the highest of values and contribute the utmost to the well being and progress of society. The year 2006 brought the HRDC to a formal start under one roof comprising of a hostel and complete office secretariat.

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