Mission Statement
We believe that education is service to society; our mission is to educate for empowerment and enlightenment.
We shall strive to make our school a place where each child’s potential is developed to the optimum, so that we may reach the goal of excellence in the competitive world.
We recognize the critical importance of taking ownership of our learning. We seek to learn from the full range of our experience, to be open to new experiences and new ideas to continuously pursue excellence and fulfillment in our intellectual, social and spiritual pursuits and lifelong learning.
We value differences of opinion and perspective and are open to respectful dialogue about those differences, central to the ongoing learning process. Every learner is to benefit when ideas, insights and experiences are shared with others.
People working and living together for the common goal is the key to grow for both the individual and the community. We commit ourselves to participate in community services and volunteer activities, both in and outside the campus.
Enhancing environment quality is critical to the school, the community and ultimately to the survival of the planet. We will act to maintain and improve our facilities and grounds to the safety, security and the appearance of our surroundings to promote a balance in ecology in all five elements - Earth, Sky, Air, Energy and Water.
We aim to create a positive and inclusive campus culture celebrating both the individual and cultural difference that make each one of us unique and also the similarities, which bind us together. We recognize the need to understand one another as the first step to develop mutual understanding, caring and respect.
We build trust when we communicate openly, when we seek to ensure justice and fairness for all people, regardless of role or position, and when we honour our values and commitment in our private as well as our public behavior. We reach outward to seek and inform, involve and include new students, employees and others, who share the vision and principles of our schools.
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